(Only for 30-45 days Job oriented Certification program)

      Interim Assessments will be done throughout the program at random intervals
      There will be a terminal examination at the end of the program ( Paper or System based)
      Students passing out with 50% and above will be eligible for certification
      Students who could not achieve 50% in their 1st attempt will be given one more appearance in the exams within stipulated time interval ( say 1 month)
      Any student who fails in this 2nd attempt will not be eligible for certification.  NO MORE CHANCES.
      Only successful students will be awarded a certificate stating “Certified CORE-CONS Engineer”.
      C-Tech will provide FREE Professional H.R services like Resume building, placement support, etc for those students whose performance were exemplary in the judgment of C-Tech’s Trainers and Mentors.
      Job Openings as and when available in the knowledge of  C-Tech’s professional networks will be communicated through C-Tech’s Job Portal/Net Works /Website
      C-Tech provides 100% placement assistance to their certified students & Alumni till they get job. C-Tech will never offer Job guarantee or any such kind of promise to their students.